AD8221 vs. AD8421 for EMG signals

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I need an instrumentation amplifier which will be used in an EMG signal processing project. I found the AD8221 and the AD8421. Which one is the best for this application? Are there any other specified IAs for Electromyography?

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    Actually, the AD8421 is the enhanced version of the AD8221. AD8421 has 1/3 noise of  AD8221, 10 times bandwidth compared to AD8221, and has faster settling time. However in EMG, there would be low pass and high pass filtering after the in amp to match the signal band of the EMG, which means that the bandwidth and slew rate are not very helpful parameter in choosing the right in amp. In terms of noise consideration, AD8421 is better. If you are using smaller supplies, you might consider the AD8422. And if you using high impedance electrodes/dry electrodes AD8220 and AD8236 may be good choices. You can also check our in amp diamond plot tool for further recommendations depending on your configuration.



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