AD8232 circuit (Figure. 66 - Circuit for ECG Waveform Monitoring) produces low 20dB gain on SPICE modeling. Why?

Dear ADI!

I downloaded SPICE model of AD8232 and tested it with NI Multisim 14.

I got Gain vs. Frequency plots for Fig. 62 and Fig. 64. They are equal to your Fig. 63 and Fig. 65.
But when I try to model Fig. 66 I get gain <= 20 dB instead of 60 dB as on Fig. 67.

Here is my circuit:


Here is frequency response:

I ran AC Sweep with RA as input, LA and RL are grounded (as while testing Fig. 62 and 64), frequencies as on your plots.
I compared my circuit with Fig. 66 many times, so I'm almost sure I do not have any error here.

Where am I wrong?

With best regards,