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AD597 output saturation by open thermocouple


AD596 and AD597AH (H package) has the alarm function for detecting an open thermocouple. There's following description in the datasheet.
"If the thermocouple loop becomes open, one or both of the inputs to the device will be deprived of bias current causing the output to saturate. "

Q1. Does the Output saturation alive in AD597AR (SOIC package)?
 Looking at the function diagram, it is clear that alarm function is not equipped to AD597AR but not clear the output saturation is.

Q2. When an open thermocouple is occurred and -IN (#8 pin) becomes open (+IN (#1pin) remains grounded), is output (Vout #6pin) saturated to [-Vs +2.5V]? Or it can be either [-Vs +2.5V] or [+Vs - 2V]?

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