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Inquiry of AD8222 single supply application


My customer will use AD8222 with the same conditions as the attached ADIsimPLL simulation file, including in/out signal.

There was no error in ADIsimPLL simulation. However, In-Amp Diamond Plot Tool was failed as below. 

Is there a problem using AD8222 under the conditions of the attachment ?

  • Hi JH Shin,

    It looks like our AD8222 spice model is not accurate working on 5V single supply on the simulation. Thanks for bringing this in our attention. I agree on the results of the inamp diamond plot tool that your customer's condition may not work. Do you know in what applications he wants to use the AD8222? If he really needs a dual inamp, I would suggest to check the AD8426. If single inamp is fine then I would recommend to use the AD8422 instead. AD8422 has the same precision with the AD8222 but with a wider operating range.

    Best regards,