To know amplifier with following specifications and ADC for data acquisition from Sensors

I would like to know the amplifier and ADC for data acquisition from my sensor. The amplifier is required to have:
Minimal full scale input: +/- 3 mV
Maximum full scale input: 1000 mV
Output: Voltage between +3 and -3 Volt
Standard Amplification between 1 and 1000
Input impedance: 1 Mohm
Zero drift at output: < 0.05 mV/C
Range drift at output: < 20 ppm/C
Output impedance: < 10 ohm
Response time: <1s

I also would like to know the ADC with this amplifier and the possibility of an integrated circuit of amplifier and ADC for data acquisition.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 9, 2019 10:50 PM

    Hi Gupta,

    I cannot find any amplifier which fits all your requirements.

    The 50uV/C output offset drift number (and the gain TC) you've mentioned, limits you to only two Instrumentation Amplifiers:

    • AD8231 (min gain of 1V/V, pin-programmable, max gain = 128V/V)
    • AD8230 (min gain of 10V/V, resistor programmable)

    At maximum gain of 1,000V/V, this translates to input offset drift of 50nV/C.

    Even then, you may have difficulty meeting the 20ppm/C gain drift with these devices at the maximum gain of 1,000V/V.

    AD8231: 30ppm/C (G = 128V/V)

    AD8230: 60ppm/C (G = 1,002V/V)

    As far as the ADC is concerned, you may have to be more specific on what your requirements are? Accuracy level, # of bits, sampling rate, etc.

    For example, LTC1274 (12 bit, single channel, single-ended input, +/-5V supplies).