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What is a difference between AD8418 and AD8418A?


I checked the AD8418 and A datasheet.

Those are almost same, but those actual features seems a little different.

What feature has improved?



I checked again. Figure 3 to 25 are totally different. Slew rate , Gain vs Freq, bias current and output sink current etc... Sorry, I misunderstood. Those are totally different circuit, I think. How come those are same name? Please tell us how to select A or non A. Those are for different application? Regards moto

  • Hi moto,

    Apart from the changes in the spec, the main difference between the AD8418 and the AD8418A is that the AD8418A has a faster common mode settling time. You can check Figure 18 of both parts. Notice that for the AD8418, it takes a little over 2us to settle, while for the AD8418A it takes less than a microsecond. I would say that if you have an application where the common mode changes quicker than usual, the AD8418A would be the better choice. 

    I hope this helps!


  • Dear Kris

    Thank you very much for prompt answer.

    the application that Common mode changes quicker.

    You mean, AD8418A is good for motor current measurement like as Figure 33 ?

    so, AD8418 is for High side sw? or low side sw, like s Figure 34,35.

    Thank you for your help.



    Figure34 and 35 also common mode change quickly when sw off. AD8418 is for Figure 36?