We have purchased ADA4177 IC from Element14 , QTY 1000 for company requirement.
But frequent failure observed for same IC in our PCB where we are using IC ADA4177 (at location U3 only, though U11 is also same IC). We have done failure part analysis at our end and observed  operating conditions are within range. Attached test report for failed component.
So please help us to find root cause for failed component on urgent basis since failure rate is high

ADA4177 Opamp (U3)
Test Point Ok IC Vtg Faulty IC 1 Abs Max Rating as per datasheet 
Pin2 HGB IN(- I/P) 540 mV 7.7V (-)36V
Pin3 (+ i/p) 540 mV 6.8V 36V
Pin7 (Vs) 12.06 V 11.94V 36V
Pin4 (-Vs) (-)11.86V (-)11.92V (-)36V
Pin6 (o/p) (-)540 mV  to 3V 11.92V