AD8039 Single Power Supply


AD8039 can work with a single power supply? 

According to its data sheet, the supply range is 3V to 12V but my AD8039 output 1V under 0V input and 5V single power supply condition. It works correctly (output=0V) by changing +/- 5V supply.



  • In the spec table, the output is +/-4V when running on +/-5V, so we can deduce that the 

    output only gets within 1V of either rail.  So on ground and +5V, the output should swing

    between +1V and +4V.

    Note that the input common mode range is also +/-4V when running on +/-5V, so on ground

    and +5V, you will have to keep the inputs with a 1V to 4V range.

    There is no ground pin on the op amp, so the 3V to 12V spec is telling you that is the voltage

    you have to have across the part (from V- pin to V+ pin) to get it to work.

    So you could run it on -2V and +5V if you have any unregulated negative voltage from -2V to