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PSpice model for OP467

I have download the PSpice model for OP467. But when I started to use it, its pins name are 1, 2, 99, 50, 27. What' s the meaning of these numbers? Which one is -IN (or +IN, V+, V-, OUT) as described in the PDF?

  • Hi,

    If you have to open the circuit file, you will notice the line  .SUBCKT OP467 1, 2, 99, 50, 27 with the corresponding node assignments directly above those respective nodes. So to make it simple;

                             1            >>      +IN

                             2            >>      -IN

                             99          >>      V+

                             50          >>      V-

                             27          >>     OUT

    It is also shown in the datasheet, page 17.

    I hope this helps.



  • Hi Zhijun,

    Glad to help you. Just a follow up, you can try to rename (just for ease in simulation purposes) the node names in the SPICE model to the pin names assignment of OP467 like in the datasheet. For example:

    Just be sure to replace all the corresponding nodes in the spice model. Attached is the model with pins the same as the datasheet.


  • Jino,

    Thanks very much. I got it.


    Zhijun Ma