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ADA4817-1 bias current & temparature graph

My customers are considering using ADA 4817-1, but I got a question.

#1 Is a graph of input bias current and temperature change prepared?

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  • Hello Yuya, 

    Figures 40 and 43 on the ADA4817 datasheet should give you an idea of how the bias current changes over temperature. The plots show histograms of the bias current at 25C and 105C. The datasheet also mentions on page 20 that the input bias current typically increases by a factor of 1.7 for every 10°C rise in temperature. 


    Is this what you are looking for? What is the customer's application? Just in case, I can double check if there might be a more suitable device for them. 



  • Hi, Krisf

    Thank you for your answer.
    If there is a graph with the temperature on the horizontal axis and the bias current on the vertical axis as shown in Fig. 38 instead of this graph, I would like to have it.

    The application is a measuring instrument.

    Best Regards,