AD8450/ ADP1972 Battery Testing and Formation Evaluation Board

If I want to test Li-Ion battery and set the maximum charge current to 4A and maximum charge voltage to 5V , then what settings I will have to make in the system? Please help.

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  • Hi,

    Please refer to Figure 53 in the AD8450 Rev B datasheet.  The Iset and Vset equations (to set Current and Voltage targets) are in the "CC and CV Loop Filter Amplifiers" section on page 25 and on page 31 in "Battery Current and Voltage Control Inputs (ISET and VSET)" section.  The Iset and Vset depend on the gains of the programmable gain instrumentation and difference amplifiers, respectively.  These amplifiers are described in the "Theory of Operations" section starting on page 21.  Tables 5 and 6 show the different possible PGIA and PGDA gains.   The MODE pin selects between charging and discharging modes of operation.

    I hope this helps. 



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