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AD8000/AD8009 Power supply


Can these amplifiers be powered from a single +12V power supply. The datasheet only shows +/-5 V and 5V; however the max. power supply is set to +12.6 V in the datasheet.

Or, when operation between +/- 5V is only feasible, can I use a RF transformer at the output to have 0-10V signal swing (I want to use the devices as a pulse amplifier into 50 ohm coax with source and end termination with 5V levels at the load; pulses can be as short as 10 ns).

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  • These amplifiers would work at 12V single supply. Although performance of this part is not specified on this supply, you could always estimate using the specifications defined at + 5V and 5V supply. For a 5V: 10 ns pulse, AD8009 would be a better choice for it has a higher slew rate than AD8000.


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    Yes, the AD8000 can operate from 4.5V to 12V in single supply configuration and from +/-2.25V and +/-6V in dual supply configuration. However, the datasheet spec table guarantees only the part operation on +/-5V and +5V while the abs max power supply of +12.6V tells that if you exceed that value we would not be able to guarantee that the part will work beyond that.