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Presence of DC Voltage at Output Pin

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADA4870

Issue: When we apply a  Single Supply of 20V to ADA4870, we observe 1V at output which is DC shifted.? Why so 

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  • 1. Yes, this happens in Bench set up. It occurs on Multiple Set up. 

    2. Its simple circuit, where i have applied Single Supply 20V at VCC and connected Ground to VEE pin. The Non Inv pin is connected to FG. and inverting pin is grounded. There is closed loop gain of 4. 




  • Hello ,

    Can you share your circuit schematic with us? There could be something from your setup or input signal that introduces the offset on the output.

    Does FG correspond to a Function Generator? In addition, can you verify if the inverting pin is really at ground potential (0V) and provide us some scope shots of your input signal coming from FG?