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AD8065 SOT23 Thermal Resistance (Junction to Case)

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD8065

Looking for clarification on the package thermal resistance for AD8065 amplifiers. I am specifically interested in the AD8065WARTZ junction-to-case resistance, but any similar information would be helpful such as the junction-to-ambient.

The datasheet ( lists power derating values, which are plotted in figure 3 (page 9, ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS). These are labeled as the junction-to-ambient resistance for the three packages. 

"Figure 3 shows the maximum safe power dissipation in the package vs. the ambient temperature for the SOIC (125°C/W), SOT-23 (180°C/W), and MSOP (150°C/W) packages on a JEDEC standard 4-layer board. θJA values are approximations."

Then on page 22 (THERMAL CONSIDERATIONS), another thermal resistance value is used. 

"...especially in the small SOT-23-5 (thermal resistance of 160°C/W)."

I saw that the thermal resistance (θJC) of AD8066ARMZ is 58 °C/W, so I was hoping that the AD8065 parts had this data available too. 

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