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ADA4522-1 Datasheet Specs Clarification

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADA4522-1


I am looking at using this ADA4522-1 amplifier as a buffer for a low noise reference in the -12V to 12V range due to good dc offset and low noise.

The datasheet mentions the railing issue and that it needs a fast supply and does not handle well 'large input resitance'. But this is hardly a good engineering explanation since 'fast' and 'large' are relative.

I would like some clarifications:

1. What is considered a large source resistance in this case?

2. What is considered a slow supply ramp-up rate?

3. The conditions in Table. 11 are they for start-up or for normal operation? And if you have a sweeping reference, how do you deal when your input voltage changes conditions in the table?

It would be also nice if such information would be reflected in the datasheet to avoid guessing...

Alternatively, is there a part with similar performance over this voltage range?