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PSpice Simulation, AD8099 stuck in saturation with single supply

Category: Software
Product Number: AD8099
Software Version: OrCAD Capture 17.4

AD8099 data sheet shows that AD8099 works with either +5/-5V supply or +5V single supply. When I'm doing simulation in PSpice, the Op-Amp works perfectly as expected in dual supply, but stuck in saturation when single +5V supply is applied, even though the output voltage should remain in the voltage swing range.

The only difference is that supply at VEE pin is replaced with -5V. Is this a simulation error or is it out of AD8099's capabilities?

Thanks for your time regarding my question.

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  • Hi  ,

    You can refer on the input common mode voltage in the spec table. The input VCM required at single supply is from 1.3V to 3.7V while VCM input is only about 290mV, producing an error.

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