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AD8418 Current Sense Amplifier output voltage calculation

Product Number: AD8418
Software Version: N/A

I wish to calculate the outputVoltage of my AD8418 Amplifier. 

Neither the CommonModeGain nor the DifferentialModeGain are specd. Is the Initial Gain, specd at 20V/V, equal to the DifferentialModeGain?

The CMRR is 86dB, or 19,952. But the amplifier can't gain by 19,952 as saturation would rapidly happen. 20V/V is a much more reasonable gain, however, this is the "initial gain" not the differential mode gain. 

In one calculation, the differential voltage between the input terminals could be  3.2mV. If differential gain was 20V/V, then V out would be approx 64mV, ignoring commonModeVoltage. This seems about right to me, but then why doens't the datasheet  just let me know that "initial gain" is differential mode gain?

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