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Category: Software
Product Number: LT6018
Software Version: LTSpice XVII

Case Title: LT6018
Case Number: CS-338812-J1Z2X2
Created On: 6/18/2023 11:15 AM
Description: Q about LT6018 The netlist of the LT6018.lib shows the input referred current noise as follows: A1 ....  in=750f ink=120 incm=2.9p incmk=350 In the following I only touch the in and ink parts of the above line: These parts indicate 100% correlation with full inversion of each other of the two input current noise generators of the input BJTs. We also can see this in the inputs of the various UniversalOpamps given by LTSpice. My question: is it really a fact that the two input noise generators of the input BJTs in LTP configuration produce the above shown kind of correlation or is it simplification to produce less complex lines of code? The same applies to the LT1028 / 1128 OPAs. A check with the AD797 netlist shows that it is possible to show the lines of code for two independent input current noise sources. Burkhard Vogel 2023-06-18

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