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AMP03 IVR specification and abs.max input voltage

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AMP03

I'm a DFAE in Japan.

My customer sent me questions about AMP03 datasheet descriptions.

what does "IVR" mean in ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS table,  |+IN - -IN| ?

what does "Input Voltage" of Absolute Maximum Ratings mean, terminal voltage? 

He likes to understand the descripancy between "IVR" and "Supply Voltage".

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  • Hi  ,

    Since this is a difference amplifier, the Input Voltage on the ABS Max rating is the input voltages at the input nodes (+ and -) of the internal op amp. An example would be for a dual supply of ±15V, it can handle up to approximately 15V common mode voltage.

    This part can measure input voltage beyond supply rails due to the internal voltage divider configuration. Ideally, if we take consideration of the internal resistor circuit, the input can handle up to 2 times the supply voltage, but the specification is only ±20V due to the condition that this value is guaranteed by CMR.

    A similar part which is AD8276 have this similar discussion on page 14 of datasheet.

    Thanks and regards,


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