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ADA4940-1 with single supply

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADA4940-1 and AD7982


I am using ADA4940-1 to drive ADC AD7982. ADA4940-1 is powered by single supply 5V. But I find that there are some issues when signal cross zero area (nearby  0V voltage). Read from ADA4940-1 and AD7982 datasheet, I understand ADA4940-1 should be powered with two supply (probably 7V and -2V) to solve this issue. This will need re-spin the board. My question is: Is there any new ADC driver with single supply which can sove the issue cross zero voltage  (prefer pin compatible)? My circuit is attached here for your reference. Looking forward to your reply soon. Thank you very much.


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    Hi  ,

    It's true that to we need to have dual supply to cancel the headroom issue. For ADA4940-1, you could probably use a +7V and -0.5V or -1V so that it will not reach the abs max which is…