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I am using a flyback converter (LT3511)to generate +70V and -70V to power the LTC6090(High Voltage Opamp), the circuit works fine when the opamp is not connected but gives zero output when the opamp is connected. I am using 4 opamps in total.

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTC6090 & LT3511

Using LT3511 as a flyback converter with an input of 12V and producing an output of +70V and -70V. 

I am using the output from the flyback converter to power V+ & V- pins of the operational amplifier(LTC6090). I am using 4 opamps in total.

I have taken the exact same circuit given in the application notes of LT3511. 

Issue: When the opamps are not connected on the board the output observed is perfect, but when I solder the opamps on the board the output voltage is zero. How should I solve this problem?

Here is an image of my schematic 

Thankyou for your help in advance!

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  • Hello  ,

    Have you checked if the pin config on the board matches the pin config of the LT3511?
    Please also make sure that when you solder the op amp, no pins are shorting to GND especially EN/UVLO and…

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