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LTC6430 and LTC6431 thermal characteristics

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: LTC6430


For the LTC6430 & LTC6431 can you provide any/all of the following thermal parameters?

Theta-JcT (Junction to case top thermal resistance)
Theta-JcB (Junction to case bottom [thermal pad] thermal resistance)
Theta-Jb (Junction to board thermal resistance)

The LTC6430 provides a single thermal parameter theta-Jc. There is an asterisk with a note saying "Measured from Junction to the back of a PCB with natural convection". That isn't how I've ever seen Theta-Jc defined. That seems much more like Theta-Jb.

For the LTC6431, Theta-Jc is also provided but WITHOUT the same asterisk even those this is the identical case and a near identical part.

Thank you.


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    I just got the results from the testing for both LTC6430 and LTC6431 which you can see below.

    For LTC6430:

    • θJA : 39.2 K/W
    • θJCtop : 37.7 K/W

    For LTC6431:

    • θJA : 39.3 K/W
    • θ…
  • Hi  

    Unfortunately, we don't have a data about the thermal characteristics of the LTC6430 and LTC6431 yet, but I've already requested these data to the assembly engineer. I will update you once…