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Single OpAmp with Class AB output stage

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are there Low-Voltage, Low Ib, RR Single OpAmps with Class-AB output stage similar to OPA202 ?

Do you have LTspice model for such a type?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • Hi ZoltanDTI,

    thanks for your reply. Capacitive Load is no issue as it would imply when reading OPA202 datasheet. for me the output stage design is of most importance. So i have had a second look at the OpAmp table and could find OP249 which has an output stage i would like to prefer.
    Unfortunately we have space constraints here so i would like to ask you: Has the OP97 / 297 an output stage looking like that of the OP249?
    Or do you have you another recommendation for me?
    We would like to operate the amplifier with +/-5V Supply, driving no capacitive load and with output currents <1mA. Ibias should be <100pA and Vos should be <0.5mV.

    Looking forward to your reply. Thanks in advance.


  • I do not know more about the OP97/OP297 what can be found in the datasheet. ADI engineers ( or  ) may help you regarding this. But it is very probable, that these opamaps have such output stage what you need. Both opamp seems to be very good. The requirements you've mentioned will be met for sure.
    I still don't really understand, why the architecture is so important for you. Looking at the requirements I can't see any reason. Don't you need rail-to-rail output/input?