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AD5560 MEASOUT,FVMI, Long time to wait

Hi sir

 We meet a problem.

  We need a long time to wait the measout pin when FVMI; 

The param is

AVDD = 9V,AVSS = -9V; FVMI; 5uA;

The current is about 20 nA when the V is 3V ;

When we set the output V to 3V; the output reach 3V at once, but the measout pin need about 5s to steady;

and when we set to 0V from 3V, the measout pin need about 5s to 0v too(Gradually change, 2s :90%, and need more time to 100%);

The problem bring inefficiency to our equipment.

Anyone can help me?

Thanks very much!