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Absolute supply voltage between Analog positive supply and Digital positive supply in AD8564


Below is absolute voltage table in AD8564 D/S.

I would like to confirm the red marker specification.

It means that V+ana-600mV<V+DIG is correct operation, doesn't it?

(Can we supply V+DIG=17V if V+ana is 5V? or Can't we supply V+DIG=3.3V if V+ana is 5V?)

And I have a sub-question.

If  V+ana-600mV<V+DIG is correct operation, How voltage CMOS is compatible?

 The discription and Specifications in datasheet  are below.

CMOS specification is

VOH=0.85*VCC =2.805V

VOH is not good.

Best regard

Thank you very much.

calculation mistake
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