AD8496 for K-Type Thermocouple temperature sensing

AD8496 is the only IC available among the AD849X family. I currently have a K-Type thermocouple, would it be possible to measure its temperature using AD8496? I understand that it is intended for a J-Type thermocouple, however, would it be possible to manipulate the gain and do some modifications during ADC?

  • JonathanNardar,

    Thank you for reaching out to us for your application.
    It is advisable to use the AD8495 or AD8497 because this is specifically trimmed to optimize the linear operating range of the K-Type thermocouple.
    The transfer function and nonlinearity of each thermocouple are detailed in this app note  .

    In order to use K-type thermocouple on the AD8496, we have to account the voltage characteristics of the J-type and K-Type thermocouple if characteristics match up on specific temperature range and
    account for the difference with a look up table or polynomial similar to what was done in this article .
    I'll check out if there's a quick way to do this with the K-type and J-type. May I know what's the specific temperature range you're planning to measure.

    Although, Just to clarify. Were you not able to get AD8495 or AD8497 on your distributors?
    Thanks JonathanNardar.

    Best Regards,