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LTC6228 voltage noise in LTspice correct?


running a voltage noise simulation in LTspice with a simple voltage follower circuit shows a large discrepancy to datasheet values for the voltage noise.

To make sure nothing was wrong with my simulation I also checked the LTC6226. Below is a comparison from simulation output vs. datasheet curves. The LTC6226 on the right is a pretty close match betwen spice model and datasheet, the LTC6228 on the left is completely off. 

For example at 10Hz: 

  • LTC6228: datasheet:~20nV/SqHz vs. simulation: 60nV/SqHz
  • LTC6226: datasheet:~18nV/SqHz vs. simulation: 18nV/SqHz

So for the LTC6228, is the datasheet correct or is the spice model correct?

added example values at 10Hz
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