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AD8307 Output Voltage


we are using AD8307 Detector to detect Power level from -75dBm to +10dBm,while we are doing testing we had observed that detector output voltage is changing without changing the input power level from day to day.
kindly address to problem and provide valuable suggestion.


K.V.V.Vamsi Krishna

  • Greetings Vamsi Krishna,

    AD8307 is a wide range RF log detector. Sensitivity extends down to approx. -75dBm, which means the output can be susceptible to nearby radiated RF signal sources unless adequate shielding is present. For this reason, please make sure nearby mobile phones and other sources of radiated RF signals are removed or shut off.

    Can you say how much the AD8307 output level is changing? You might need to use an oscilloscope on the output, to look for patterns in the voltage variation that could help identify the problem.   -Bruce H.