ADA4254 Absolute Maximum HV Input Power Supply Range

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Would you please let me know what the absolute maximum input supply voltage range is for the ADA4254?  The spec sheet is a bit vague or opaque.  There seems to be no absolute maximum specification for VSSH.  Also, will the signal attenuation (gain of less than 1) function with input voltages greater than the input power supply?  We want to maximize the input voltage range to this VGA.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 21, 2021 11:13 AM

    Hi Allan,

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    To ensure proper operation and the device's safety, we advise to not use the device near or at the Abs Max levels. 
    Looking at the ADA4254's spec table, the min and max difference between VDDH and VSSH should not exceed 56V, meaning if you set VDDH to 28V, you can only set VSSH up to -28V.

    Even for Gains lower than 1, you are still bounded by the given Input Operating Voltage Range given on the spec table for proper operation:

    But please take a look at the Diamond plot on the datasheet in order to see if your configuration is within the operating range.
    If you want to play around with the ADA4254's configuration, please check out our Diamond Plot Tool
    Here's an article about the Diamond Plots: 

    You can also watch how the tool is used in this Youtube video.

    Hope this helps Allan.

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