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AD826 minimum output current


The datasheet states that "The AD826 features high output current drive capability of 50 mA min per amp, and is able to drive unlimited capacitive loads."

Does this mean that AD826 is not able to drive a current less than 50mA?
In my application the maximum current per opamp is less than 50mA and I need your hlep to clarify if I should use AD826. In any case, I have chosen AD826 due to its high capacitive load driving capability.

I appreciate any adivse to clarify this problem.

Kind regards,

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  • Hi mohammed_5f00_hossein,

    The AD826 designation of "capable of 50mA min per amp" just means that it is capable of at least 50mA of output current for each of the two amps inside. If your application requires…

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