Ref Design CN0415 for Solenoid Control: Included LTSpice Simulation Model Question Regarding Dithering


I am trying to build a multi-solenoid valve driver using CN0415 reference design as an example. We need it to accept PWM commands from a non-Arduino controller based off current feedback. 

We would really like to have the ability to add dithering (adjustable frequency and amplitude). I found an LTSpice simulation model in the design support files (located here: 


The LTSpice model contains the core components for CN0415 and a solenoid valve. I noticed that the ground sensing comparator (LT1671) has its latch port being modulated by a slower PWM. 

Is this an example on how to add non-software based dithering?

I believe the dither amplitude adjustment would be a function of the PWM duty cycle. I've ran a few simulations and it looks to be the case. I just want to confirm that this truly is dithering and not an example to demonstrate the over current protection functionality. 

Thank you!