ADHV4702 ramp signal with high current output

Dear Sir,

I want to design a circuit using ADHV4702 which outputs a ramp signal ranging from -100V to +100 Volts with output current driving capacity of around 2 Amperes.

I will supply a ramp signal at input side ranging from -5 Volts to +5 Volts.

Figure 64. High Current Output Driver Schematic describes the high current mode.

If any application note or documents are provided supporting the figure 64 it will be beneficial for my circuit design.



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  • Thanks for the reply. It is clear to me that we can use MOSFET's IXTP3N120 and IXTP10P50P.

    Figure 64 of ADHV4702 datasheet shows the configuration of high current output.

    Resistors R3 and R5 values are not mentioned.

    Can you suggest which values should be chosen for the resistors R3 and R5 when I am using the above mentioned MOSFET'S.

    My output signal range will vary from -100 Volts to +100 Volts and output current ranging in terms of Amperes.

    As mentioned that thermal management is also critical. Can you share some document related to the thermal management of IC ADHV4702.

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