AD8436 RMS-CORE occur overshoot【Re-upload】


I have some questions about AD8436.

I asked a question with another link, but I couldn't attach an image, so I asked again.


  1. When 5Vin start-up condition at ADI EVB/LTspice, RMS-CORE occur overshoot. What is this reason?
  2. The waveform may jump up when an inrush current is applied. Is there a way to mask in this case?

Item number1&2 is attached below.

Number 1

CH1:CS ourput voltage(AC123mV+DC1.65V),CH2:RMS-CORE Input,CH3:RMS-CORE Output,CH4:+5V


Number 2

CH1:CS ourput voltage(AC123mV+DC1.65V),CH2:Output Buffer,CH3:RMS-CORE Output

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