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LT1994 - Transient Analysis - LTSPICE

Dear Support, 

Error occurred "Analysis time step too small; time = 1.7562e-005, timestep = 1.25e-019; trouble with U5:swlim-instance s:u5:4"  while doing transient analysis with LT1994 .Please guide me to sort out this issue. 

Figure1: Time step too small error:

Transient Simulation Error


Simulation File



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  • Hi Balakrishnan K,

    I tried to replicate the error you're getting with the LT1994 but I can successfully run the similar circuit on transient analysis.

    Here's the result: Vo+ - Vo- = 1V;
    Vin+ = 3V and Vin- = 2V.

    I think the model itself is working in terms of functionality.

    May I see the rest of your schematic to see if something else is causing the error? Also what's your transient analysis configuration?
    I only set my stop time to 5ms in this simulation.

    Thanks Balakrishnan K.

    Best Regards,