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Photodiode / Value of Peak Light Intensity


I am being helped by your Photodiode Circuit Design Wizard ( and after choosing the photodiode, I am asked to set the Peak Light Intensity (in W/m2), see the rounded part in yellow below, before we can move on to the next step.

How I can fix the value of this Peak Light Intensity (in W/m2)?

  • Hi,

    Consult the datasheet of the photodiode you selected. For example photodiode BPW34FASR, has this plot below.

    The max peak current given in the plot is at Ee = 10^3uW/cm^2. Convert it to W/m^2.

    Computed is 10W/m^2. Input it in the photodiode tool and you can see computed peak photodiode current around 46uA.

    To check, compare it again in the datasheet of photodiode BPW34FASR and you can see photocurrent Ip = 50 (>=40)uA.