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ADA4522 voltage follower config with dual supplies

using an ADA4522 (dual pack) for a buffer/inverter setup.  so, one of theamps setup as typical volt follower, the other a inverting amp.  BOth are driven from an AD8221.

The AD8221 is outputting a 20KHz sine biased at 2V.  Vpp on sine = 2V...

When I sweep the freq up to about  >190KHz...somehwere in there, the volt follower section appears to slew/clamp, oscillate...while the inverting side looks fine.

+-12V dual supplies on chip.  Tried inserting a 332ohm in series with the volt follower input..didnt do anything...tried removing DC bias...did nothing....not driving capacitive load.

just looking for the reason this might be happening....???