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LTC6431-20 S-Parameters Correct File Confirmation?


I would like to confirm S-parameter files provided for LTC6431-20 are correct. I see mention of port 3 in the header which does not make sense to me for this amplifier, and I also notice the data goes up to 5GHz which is well beyond the rated operation for the part which makes me think something is not correct. I am not sure what "SOLT2" in the header refers to either. 

Can someone please confirm if the S-parameter file linked below is correct, or if not provide correct S-parameter file?

I am referencing S-parameter file here: 

Below is what I see in header of file. 

!Agilent Technologies,E5071C,MY46100626,A.10.05
!Date: Tue Dec 10 16:09:51 2013
!Data & Calibration Information:
!Freq S11:SOLT2(ON) S31:SOLT2(ON) S13:SOLT2(ON) S33:SOLT2(ON)