ADA4084 Minimum Supply Voltage, Single-Supply

I am simulating both the OP484 and the ADA4084 in the attached LTspice schematic. The circuit provides a linear output voltage as a function of the input voltage. The input voltage also biases the amplifier. I originally assumed I should only specify that this circuit will work with input voltages down to the 3.0V minimum supply voltage for single-supply operation. The model suggests the amplifiers may continue to work well below 3.0V. The OP484 output is linear down to 1.8V and the ADA4084 down to just under 1.5V. I am curious how much I should trust these results, and how they might vary over life with temperature/radiation exposure.


  • You should not trust them at all.  The models are behavioural and whoever wrote them, tested them over the data sheet

    and probably not outside of the d.s.   Did you try the part at 100V??  Maybe the model works there, but I can guarantee

    you the part will blow up in real life.

    The only thing you can trust is the spec table, not even page one that usually has marketing puffery.