ADV3200 supply (+/-2.5V) current requirement, Decoupling


I am using ADV3200 in one of our PCB design with supply requirement of +2.5 and -2.5V (input signal is ranging between +1.7V to -1.7V) . Few questions;

  • What is the max current consumption by the IC, from the datasheet it seem like the idle current is around 0.3A max. 
  • What will be current requirement individually for +2.5V and -2.5V supplies? If lets say the max current is 0.3A then I am assuming that we need to add regulator with 0.3A for +2.5V and 0.3A regulator for -2.5V.
  • May I know the rough estimation for decoupling capacitors for power rails? Seems like reference design includes wide combination of caps on each of the pin. Please note that in our application we don't need to use the OSD pins. 

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