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AD8009 TPC


I'm a DFAE in Japan. Our customer is interested in AD8009 and gives us a question as follows. 

Some TPCs do not have measurement conditions. Could you tell me about them? Especially he wants to know about TPC 10.



  • Hello Hiroyuki,

    The TPC 10 of AD8009 is somewhat equivalent to TPC of other products which plots HD vs.  Vout.

    The TPC 10 uses Pout in X-axis in dBm. To convert this Pout to Vout, you have to use the log conversion and use the 100 ohm as load of the system as shown also on the TPC (two 50 ohms in series).

    For example, for the 5MHz plot, if you have the Pout as -2dBm, this is equivalent to [10^(-2/10] * 1e-3 which is equal to 0.631e-3 W. Then you have to use the 100 ohms to get the equivalent voltage. V = Sqrt(0.631e-3 * 100) = 251.189mVrms.

    More positive Pout means the higher the Vout, and this means the higher the distortion.
    The higher the Frequency, the higher the distortion.

    You can confirm this characteristic on TPCs of other parts.