LTC6268-10 feedback capacitance mitigation with single supply


I'm designing a transimpedance amplifier based on LTC6268-10 amplifier.
I read through the documentation and I saw the DC2414A design files, so I understand that to lower the parasitic capacitance of the feedback resistor placing a ground trace underneath the resistor (between the resistor pads) is a good design choice.
In my case the amplifier will be powered by a single supply (+3.3V to GND), and so I've the non inverting input of the amplifier set to 1.65V (so all my signals are referred to this common mode voltage).
My question is, is still GND the best choice for the potential of the shielding trace in this case, or is it better to use the 1.65V potential?

Thank you in advace for your reply!