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ADA4522-1 in differential (non-inverting) integrator configuration (railing)

I have a question regarding the "railing issue" of the ADA4522-1.
I want to use this opamp as a DC servo for a TIA, see below.

As mentioned in the datasheet on page 30 the opamp may rail to V+ if the source resistance at the non-inverting input is too high if used in unity gain configuration.
Furthermore it is mentioned that this may only happen if the supply is powered up too slowly. My question is whether this is a problem in case of my configuration (I guess due to C2) or if the capacitance of C3 is high enough to prevent this behavior.
If not: Does anyone have information on how fast the supply should be powered up to prevent this behavior? (I could power up the device to +-5V almost immediately by connecting one of the +5V supplies to the +36V supply via a schottky-diode and power up the 36V supply afterwards). Also, whats not clear to me is whether the "railing" happens only during powerup and normalized afterwards or whether the output "stays" at positive rail voltage (if it happens only during power up, thats not a big issue the for rest of the circuit).

Thank You!