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ADL5562ACPZ-WP: performance down to 1MHz


We are planning on using the ADL5562ACPZ-WP amplifier as an the input stage amplifier for the AD9467BCPZ-250 ADC.

We are planning on operating at input frequencies from 1MHz to 80MHz.

The datasheet for the ADL5562 only specifies performance from 10MHz.

Has anyone done testing down to 1MHz using the ADL5562? How is the performance down to this frequency?



  • Hello Gavin,

    Yes, the ADL5562 is operational and maintains performance down to the lower frequencies.  The datasheet shows data starting at 10 MHz, as you had pointed out, but that is not the minimum operational frequency.   Figure 39 of the datasheet shows the frequency response of the ADL5562 interfacing with an ADC down to 2 MHz.  Hope this helps.


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