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AD8628 vs ADA4528-1 Output Current Capability


Looking at Figure 11 (Ouput Voltage to Supply Rail vs. Load Current) of the AD8628 datasheet it can be seen that you can get up to 10 mA at the expense of about 400mV drop from the supply rail.

From Figure 15 of ADA4528-1 it seems that you can get the same 10mA with a bit less than 200mV drop, not only that, it appears that the part can handle almost 20mA if it sacrifies 400mV drop. This is correct?

I'm looking to use the ADA4528-1 or AD8628 (3.3V single supply powered) as a buffer for a 3V voltage reference to use with three AD7685 but at the same time use this output to power a wheatstone bridge sensor that could consume max 8mA. I'm not going to require 20mA but probably I'll need about 12mA to 14mA which seems that the ADA4528-1 can manage.