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problem with eval board SSM2167 and SSM2306


I was connecting Wolfson MEMS microphone to the EZ-Kit 561 via  an elval board SSM2167 and output the data to small speaker via SSM2303 eval board.

all of them stopped to work. I've use all electrostatic precautions (glove and wrist to the ground) they was definitely unconnected from any power source when I did the operation, I've use a temperature below the blowing max temp in the datasheet. I've used the testing protocol of the eval board from the application note: AN-583.

I've try to replace the amplifier with spare I ordered, still doesn't work.

Any advice of weakness from those amp?

Same for the speaker, it never worked as I had to weld the wire directly (no test PIN)

I've try to understand why this have happen despite the precautions I took. It is why I'm turning toward the community to see if anybody have experience similar fact and how did they solved the issue.

attached is two photo of my setup in case it help understand further my issue.

Thanks in advance,

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