AD790 3.3V Logic Supply ?


can the AD790 Comparator Logic Supply Pin be powerd with 3.3V, to Interface directly with LVTTL or LVCMOS33 ?

Thanks Johnny

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  • Hi -

    I may be a little late chiming in here, but I agree that a high quality comparator like the AD790 needs to be available with 3.3V logic support.   I checked the AD8468/ADCMP608 data sheets, and they do not support the analog +/-15V range as the 790 does.  

    I note that ITCSteve did some testing at 3.3V and below, which is encouraging, but I am very hesitant to take the risk of designing this into a client's product......severe liability issues if the performance varies between lots, etc etc.   
    AD SUPPORT FOLKS:    PLEASE, PLEASE upgrade the 790 to handle +3.3V logic, document it as supporting 3.3V if it consistently works, or consider a new product.  

    This comparator beats all the others out there, but 3.3V logic for CPLDs and CPUs is simply too ubiquitous nowadays to restrict operation to 5V.


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