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Wirebonding on EPAD (ADN2882)


I haven't found any application note about wirebonding on Exposed Pads ICs. I was looking for some information about the parameters used in the bonding process, like temperature, or the pressure that the needle makes on the pads.

Do you know something about this stuff? Or do you know where I can find some information (like application notes) about it?

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  • Hi David-

    I checked with the applications engineer for the ADN2882 and he provided the following guidance:

    There are, at least two types of wire bonding machines, ball and wedge bonding.  Each machine manufacturer would recommend the necessary bonding machine settings for their machines to handle different die bonding, or the users will accumulate their own optimal settings.

    We don't have experience of how to get the required optimal bonding machine settings to work with our die product. We suggest you contact the bonding machine manufacturer for this information.

    Some rule of thumb laws are:

    1. Completely discharge the bonding tip ESD when just boost up machine, or leave the machine idle for a while; and
    2. Shorter the better the bonding wire from photo-diode anode pin to TIA IN pin.

    I hope this helps.



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