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   I design my system with the AD811, which I supply power with +/-18V. Unfortunately, I choose the package of 8 Lead SOIC, which is the AD811JR series. But I did not notice the note in the datasheet which said: The AD811JR is specified with ±5 V power supplies only, with operation up to ±12 V.

I want to know that is there a 8 lead SOIC AD811 that can withstand a supply greater than +/-12V?  Or, if I want to provide the supply of +/-18v, I must choose other package of AD811?

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  • Harry:

         Thank you for your precious advice. Now, I adjust my supply to +/-12V, and I plan to use ad811a or ad811s series in the next version of design.

         But after I adjust my supply to +/-12V, one of the four AD811JR I used break down when I was doing the test. But even the AD811JR burn out, the device can still work. Can the device just burn out the package, and the die is OK? What is the possible reason that the AD811JR burn out when I provide the supply of +/-12V.

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