what is the output dynamic range of AD8337?

Hi, how could i get the spec the output dynamic range of AD8337 in its datasheet? thanks.

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    on Sep 24, 2012 11:31 PM

    Hi Python,

    The output range is found on Table 1. of AD8337 datasheet, under the GENERAL PARAMETERS. For a +/-2.5V dual supply operation, the output range is +/-1.3V. For +/-5V dual supply operation, it is +/-2.4V. Take note that the output voltage is referenced to the VOCM pin. Also, AD8337 is specified for loads 500 ohms and above.

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  • Hi, Neil

         thanks to your reply. I think i didn't raise my question clearly. i mean the input dynamic range.

         you know that AD8337 has a preamplifier at the first stage, so if i apply a big signal at the input, may it will have a distortion at the first amplifier's output because of the power supply or P1dB. so could you give some advices to have a caculation. thanks.

  • Hello Python,

    Thanks for your interest in the AD8337.

    You are quite correct, overdrive of the input couldd and will degrade performance in the preamp or succeeding stages.

    Do you happen to know the level of your input signal? If you have a large input amplitude youcan just attenuate the input until it's within a reasonable range. This usually means you'll bneed to check out the required output, and work backwards to arrive at a suitable input and attenuate as needed. Here are a few benchmarks that may help:

    1. The preamp has a somewhat limited gain range, however if you use the data sheet test gain of 2x non-inverting, you'll be able to refer to most of the important performance curves starting on oage 7.

    2. Ths AD8337 uses the ADI developed X-AMP architecture, which employs a passive attenuator as the gain element. So long as you stay withinn the maximum of this attenuator wou'll see very little change in distortion products over the usable gain range.

    3. The AD8337 was developed and characterized as a differential-output device. Keep this in mind when selecting successive stages.

    I hope this helps.


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