AD822 (A), looking for modern version for this


AD822 is quite old (1995 I think), I wish to find replacement of more modernise version.Please don't ask me why(!)

The key parameter is +5V, FET/CMOS, low frequency, low gains circuit (noise not important), good rail to rail, good I/P range to GND and bit below. SMD package as usual, maybe better offset and drift spec.

Any suggestion for 5 units to choose from and why?

I wish to use it for rectifier circuit, I have input signal from 5mV to 2Vpp

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  • Riscy,

      AD822 came out in 1993, close enough to 1995.....

    Our IEEE subscription only covers in house use, so I can't send it to you, but the part was written

    up  by Close and Santos.

      Without knowing your highest signal frequency, source impedance, resistor values, supply current constraints, etc.  I would not eliminate bipolar right off the bat.  Look at ADA4084-2, ADA4096-2, ADA4096-2,

    ADA4091-2, AD8607.  Let me know if one is close to what you need.


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